Fleadh Cheoil 2022 report by Feadóg.

The Fleadh Cheoil returned to the streets of Mullingar this summer after being cancelled for two years running due to Covid-19. This event is the world’s largest annual celebration of Irish music, language, song, and dance. During my time at the Fleadh Cheoil I interviewed a good number of people which including visitors and musicians […]

Techniques on how to play the Feadóg for beginners.

With Christmas on the horizon, learn how to play the Feadog whistle, master new tunes each week and be guided along from our Tin Whistle Tutor Book and accompanying CD. We will first start off with holding the whistle correctly, followed by learning how to finger the notes correctly and finally breathing techniques when playing […]

Traditionally Irish gifts this Christmas 2021.

Looking for Inspiring Irish Gift Ideas this Christmas? Look no further. You are sure to find something memorable amongst this wonderfully talented Irish producer. With number 1 on the list ‘Feadóg Original Irish Whistle’. Bestow the gift of tradition with the Original Irish Whistle which has been continued to be manufactured in Dublin since 1978. […]

3 Halloween songs to play on your Feadóg whistle.

It’s that time of the year again where you hear the crunch of leaves underfoot, have the fresh crisp mornings of October and the pumpkin spice lattés. In the run up to Halloween get prepared and practice these 3 brilliant Halloween tunes that have been specially selected for the Feadóg D whistle. Each tune has […]

3 Benefits for your mental health of playing the Feadóg whistle.

Musicians’ brains create new pathways which surprisingly are not evident in people who do not play instruments. This may be the solution as to why musicians tend to perform better on certain cognitive tests. Playing an instrument promote and  help people with certain mental health conditions. Mental benefits of playing an instrument include: Increased co-ordination  The […]

Campfire songs to play on the Feadog whistle this summer!

Oh yes! It’s that time again where flowers blossom, the temperature increases and summer is in the air. Going on a camping trip this summer to the forest, mountains or lakes? At Feadog we’ve got you covered with some traditional Irish music to get you in the spirit and the lungs moving. The Fields of […]

5 Christmas songs to play on the Feadog Whistle

5 Christmas songs to play on the Feadog Whistle   by Joao Ferreira   Nollaig Shona Daoib! It is Christmas! My favourite period of the year. It is time to gather the family to a very nice Christmas Eve dinner and give Christmas gifts to the kids. So, I consider it is the moment you […]

3 Benefits to learn and play Feadog Whistle at home.

3 Benefits to learn and play Feadog Whistle at home.   by Joao Ferreira   We are under restrictions again, and staying home to be safe and protect each other from COVID. So, I consider it is the moment to motivate you to learn and play our Feadog Original Irish Whistles at home. So, I […]

10 tips to help your child practice the Feadog Whistle at home – part 1

10 tips to help your child practice the Feadog Whistle at home – part 1   by Joao Ferreira   This article addresses directly to the parents. I will write the first 5 tips to motivate the practice of the Feadog Whistle with your son or daughter. Next week I publish the part 2. So, […]