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3 Summer tunes to play on your Feadóg whistle.

Summer is here. Here are 3 of the best summer tunes to play on your Feadóg Whistle. You don’t have a Feadóg Whistle? Visit our website at and browse our Feadóg range. The Feadóg Brass D is perfect for beginners.

  1. Number 1, a fan favorite tune for many years now from the iconic movie ‘’Mamma Mia’’. Have a go on the instruction sheet and let us know how you get on acknowledged by the Irish Folk Song website which you can find on the following link:
  • Number 2, ‘’The Corrs’’ and their tune ‘Lough Erin Shore’ which translates to ‘’Ireland’s Shores’’. Acknowledged by Cara from ‘The Corrs Club’ which can be found on the with the option to view playing styles.
  • Number 3, ‘’The Summer of 69’’ by the wonderful Brian Adams and Jim Vallance acknowledged by the Irish Folk Songs website at

By Nathan Crampton.

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