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Susato Kelischek Low A Tuneable Whistle (M-Series)

Susato Kelischek (Ex Kildare) pennywhistles sound great and are easy to play, especially popular for session playing! All Susato models have a curved windway and separate head and body sections. The bore is slightly tapered. All Susato Whistles can be pitch-adjusted by pulling the joint in or out.

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Product Features

  • Great session whistle
  • Loud, clear tone
  • Plastic whistles have good intonation and are not affected by temperature changes

Product Specifications

  • Black plastic
  • Tuneable
  • Key of A
  • Packaged in a carrying pouch
  • Made in: USA

M-series: These are considered “Low Whistles” by some players, while considered “Alto Whistles” by others. They are the perfect choice for someone just starting out on Low Whistle; they let you practice the “Piper’s Grip” on a whistle that’s not as intimidating as a Low D Whistle can be (for instance, the Low G whistle is exactly half-way in between the size of a Soprano D and and a Low D whistle). 

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