Manufactured in Ireland since 1978.

Feadóg Nickel D Whistle Pack

Unlock the magic of music with the Feadóg Nickel D Whistle Pack – the gateway to a world of musical adventure awaits!

“Feadog – at the Heart of World Music”

9.99 (8.12 exc. VAT)

Manufacture In Ireland since 1978, the Feadog Original Irish Whistle has been crafted with care and has gained worldwide acclaim.

This stylish Presentation Pack is the ideal choice. The Feadóg Nickel D Whistle Pack is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. It includes a Feadóg Nickel Whistle in the key of D, along with a fingering chart and an international instruction sheet featuring a selection of songs to kick-start your musical journey. It’s not just an instrument, it’s a piece of Irish tradition and craftsmanship.

The Feadóg Nickel D whistle is a fun instrument that’s surprisingly easy to play!

Product Highlights

Seamless Nickel barrel

ABS Mouthpiece


Key: D

Length: 29.5 cm (approx.)


🇮🇪 Experience the rich heritage of Irish music, proudly “Manufactured in Ireland,” where the love for traditional tunes thrives. All of products are barcoded.



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