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Dublin Pubs to listen to Traditional Irish Music 2023.

If you live in Dublin or you are visiting here as a tourist or for a business reason, we will outline some tremendous pubs to listen to real ‘Traditional Irish Music’, and outstanding tin whistle players.

Below we suggest you pick a time in your travel itinerary to stop in for a pint in one of these pubs and get a chance to listen to the traditional Irish Music witnessing instruments such as the Accordion, Bodhran, Fiddle, Bouzouki, and the Feadog Whistle. Dance, relax and enjoy.


Music is a huge part of Dublin’s History and traditional Irish music has a home right here in O’Donoghue’s famous bar. Many well-known artists frequented this famous bar in the past. it has been an attraction not only for tourists from all over the world but is also a favourite haunt of local Dubliners, who for seven nights a week come to The bar for the real Irish Music Experience.


Most of the pub’s original features, both inside and outside remain intact. It’s distinct Brass sign ‘Tea and Wine Merchant’, as well as the frieze boasting ‘Doheny & Nesbitt’ have spawned countless posters, postcards and guidebooks paying homage to this asset of Ireland’s capital city.

If Ireland invented the pub, then Dublin’s finest showpiece is that of Doheny & Nesbitt. The main bar retains the original counter, and almost all of the original fitting’s dating from the 19th century.


From Irish dancing to trad music and ceilis, O’Neill’s has it all and easily accessible within the city centre. There is nothing more uniquely Irish than our native trad music and dancing. The sounds at the sesiuin (pronounced se-shoon) and the sights at the ceile (pronounced kay-lee) are instantly recognisable as Irish. As the Irish people spread around the world, they brought their musical and dancing traditions to new audiences. The popularity of the Irish ‘Trad’ session exploded to the point where traditional Irish musicians and groups have won Grammy Awards for their uniquely Irish sounds.


The Hairy Lemon was named after one of the city’s great characters – a dog catcher in the 1950s. The Hairy Lemon is just about as unconventional as it’s a name. The 19th-century house in which it resides is a little ‘outside-the-box’ as well. Painted with years of memorabilia, with a sitting room suspended in mid-air. With High Nellie’s, Wellies and even Granny’s Kitchen. The blockbuster film, “The Commitments” also lives on in the Hairy Lemon Pub. Many scenes were filmed using the snug and bar counter from the pub.


John Kehoe’s always looks the same. It never changes. That means it’s completely authentic, unspoilt and brimming with atmosphere and tradition. A trad session here is usually small but fantastic.


Are you mad for trad? If so, Gogarty’s Live Irish Music Bar is the place for you! Live Traditional Irish Music sessions run almost nonstop in Gogarty’s with sessions running from 2.30 pm until 2am seven days a week!  Located in Angelsea street, temple bar.


This is considered the best pub in Dublin for live traditional Irish music sessions. The Cobblestone is in Smithfield, near the Jameson Distillery across the river liffey from Guinness’s storehouse. The owner has made sure he has the best musicians in the city, and you’ll be impressed every night of the week and all afternoon at the weekends.

This is not a complete list and apologies for no mentions, but certainly most of the Irish traditional musicians will agree that most of these pubs are great places to listen good musicians and our Feadog Original Irish Whistle.

We believe after visiting these pubs in Dublin you will get inspired to learn how to play our Feadog Whistles. Browse our website and look for the one that fits your needs. If you are already a player become a fan by visiting our Feadog on  InstagramFacebook and Twitter and avail of tips, news and further information.

By Nathan Crampton.

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