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Here’s what our customers think of the Feadóg Original Irish Whistle.

Some of the opinions from our customers about the Feadóg

  • According to Brian Clarke on the 10th of March 2021 he quotes in his article of ‘’The 7 Best Tin Whistles Available to Buy Online (2022)’’

‘’ Feadóg Pro D Whistle’’

For full four decades, Feadóg has been producing tin whistles. This is a renowned Irish manufacturer, which sells its products around the world. This particular tin whistle is one of its most popular products and for a good reason.

This instrument offers great value for the price. It is finished in nickel silver, which is a little bit thicker than usual, making this whistle heavier than most similar products.

Such design leaves an impression of good quality and provides a very rich and mellow tone, perfect for emotional Celtic tunes. The whistle comes in a nice little package box, which also includes an instruction booklet with explanations of basic techniques and several easy tunes to start with’’.

  • Look at what Big Whistle have to say, published on the 14th of October 2021 in his article of ‘’13 Best Tin Whistles for Beginners to Pro’s where it states about the Feadóg:


Made in Ireland, Feadóg whistles trace their history back to 1978. Because of its Irish heritage, Feadóg lays claim to the title of the Original Irish Tin Whistle. As well as carrying that weighty title, Feadóg whistles come in a range of beautiful colours, and they offer excellent value for money. If you want to go one-up from the Feadóg High D Black Pro whistle is very popular, offering improved playability and tone. They come with a brass or nickel-plated bore and plastic mouthpiece.

  • Warren Barrett mentioned Feadog in his article about the ‘’Best Tin Whistles in 2022- Top 10 Rated Review’’ published on May 11th, 2022, he states that:

”Feadóg Original Irish Triple Pack – The Best Tin Whistle Pack For Beginners”

Feadóg began manufacturing their Tin Whistles in Ireland in 1978. They have since become well-liked in numerous playing circles.

Three whistles?

One thing that should be cleared up to avoid any confusion to start with is the ‘triple pack’ description on the packaging. This is not three whistles; it is just one whistle in the key of D. The triple refers to the fact that there is a CD and a teaching booklet included. Just why they should say, we can’t comment as other manufactures don’t. Anyway, the point is cleared up.

It has a metal body and a plastic mouthpiece and is quite easy to play. There is a CD, as we have said, with some sample tunes. The instruction book is quite good and will be ideal for a starter.

Great for younger players…

And there you have it, Feadóg in the public eye. If you have your own view or opinion about our whistles, why not get in contact and share it with us at [email protected]

By Nathan Crampton.

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