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7 best musical instrument features.

7 best musical instrument features.


by Joao Ferreira


Browsing through the internet and reading many articles about music, traditional Irish music, songs and tunes, I started to wonder and try to define some of the best features of playing each specific musical instrument. I found out 7 features.


So, in this article, I list these 7 characteristics. Let`s see if you agree to me.


1 – The most human instrument.

I would pick the voice. It is very easy to explain my choice. It is natural.

2- The most versatile.

I’d vote for the pipe organ. Don`t you agree? It is impressive the number of tunes and the music gender that you can travel though playing it.

3- The most satisfying to play.

Ok. This is very personal. But my feeling is that the most satisfied musicians are the players of drums and percussions in general.

4- The best tunes.

I would rather to qualify 3 instruments for that category. Violin, piano and our Feadog Whistle. If you are a music lover, you may pay attention that the best tunes of the music history are played by at least one of these 3 wonderful instruments.

5- The easiest to carry.

This choice is very easy and clear: Our Feadog Whistle.

6- The easiest instrument to sound impressive on.

Indeed the funniest category. But it is an easy answer as well: the Saxophone. Always when a musician wants to impress someone for any reason at all, He/She plays the sax.

7- The most stirring.

Bagpipes. But very well played bagpipes. Only under this condition.


I hope you have had fun reading these features. Do you agree?

I believe after these 5 Feadog Whistle features, you will be inspired to learn how to play our Feadog Whistles better and better. So, browse our website and look for the one that suits you. If you are already a player becomes our fan visiting our InstagramFacebook and Twitter to be aware of tips and further information.

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