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5 memories all Irish people would remember in class from learning our Feadóg Whistle.

  1. Learning the finger placements for ‘’do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do’’ on the Feadog Whistle was always a positive and joyous experience for many as not only did it demonstrate coordination skills for younger children but also used navigation skills which compliments to the child’s mental health and is viewed as a benefit to younger children and all who play the whistle.


  1. You had a colored folder of sheet music for class including sheet music like the one pictured below.

Sheet Music


Sometimes impossible to follow growing up playing the whistle, there was always an element of laughter and happiness as you could fail as many times before getting the first line of notes correct, and when this happened, it felt incredible.


  1. A tense wait to find out which whistle your mother would bring home to you, whether it be the Brass barrel with the green top or the Nickel barrel with the blue top was a real suspense wait. But we always knew we would be getting a Feadog Whistle no matter what, which we were delighted about as Feadog are a 100% Irish brand which continue to manufacture in Dublin to this very day.


  1. The sound of the class tunelessly blowing into their whistle still make anyone laugh till this day as the teacher had no control over how loud you went nor the time you played it for resulting in a joyous experience for the class which will hold dearly in the memory book.


  1. Saving the best till last, cleaning the excess saliva from your whistle was not always a pleasant sight especially first thing in the morning and God forgive you used someone else’s whistle. In the present day such things would be unthinkable in the current circumstances but will always bring a smile to those who remember this experience.

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