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3 Tips to choose your Irish Whistle

3 Tips to choose your Irish Whistle


by Joao Ferreira


Last  2 articles I wrote about how to motivate and play our Feadog Whistle with your child. At this article I will focus on 3 tips on how to choose the best Irish Whistle for you and your child.

So, let`s start.

1- Choosing a key

On our website you will find Feadog Whistles keys of  C and D, and Generations, Shaws and Susatos of other keys. The key C and D are the most popular ones.

A D whistle is ideal for beginners and children as the finger holes are closer together than a C whistle which makes them easier to play. They sound great alongside other instruments. They are used in most Irish tunes, making them the top choice for a lot of tin whistlers.

C whistles are fantastic for those looking for an additional whistle. They are also ideal for people looking to play solos rather than as part of a group. Although they do work well with other instruments too.

2- Selecting the mouthpiece

Since 1978 Feadog has developed the best mouthpiece in Ireland. We keep investing and researching to provide the best mouthpiece for the tin whistle player around the globe.

3 – Style

With plenty of colours and designs to choose from, you are sure to find a tin whistle that looks just the way you want it to. On our website you can find our Brass and Nickel C and D whistles, the coloured ones and the PROs. We also sell Generation Whistles, Susatos and Shaws.

I believe after these 3 tips, you will inspire your child to learn how to play our Feadog Whistles better and better. Browse our website and look for the one that suits you. If you are already a player becomes our fan visiting our InstagramFacebook and Twitter to be aware of tips and further information.

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