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3 Reasons to listen “The Incredible String Band”

3 Reasons to listen “The Incredible String Band”


by Joao Ferreira


Browsing through internet to find out musicians and tin whistle bands throughout the world I met this amazing band: “The Incredible String Band” or “ISB”. ISB is a Scottish psychedelic folk band. Formed by Clive Palmer (banjo), Robin Williamson (tin whistle and fiddle) and Mike Heron (guitar).

In this article I list the 3 reasons why you shouldn`t lose the opportunity to listen this incredible band. So, here they are:


1- Pioneers

They became pioneers in psychedelic folk and, through integrating a wide variety of traditional music forms and instruments, in the development of world music.  Psychedelic folk generally favors acoustic instrumentation although it often incorporates other instrumentation.


2- “The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter”

“The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter” is their third album which Elektra Records released it in March 1968. Instrumentally, it was the ISB’s most complex and experimental album to date, featuring a wide array of exotic instruments.  Then the album blessed a Grammy nomination in the US. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin placed the music on the band set list.


3- Woodstock Festival

They scheduled thier concert on Friday when all the folk-oriented and acoustic acts would perform. However, the band refused to perform in the pouring rain. So the stage manager John Morris rescheduled their performance for the following day. The crowd was not anticipating the band’s performance on a day that featured mainly hard rock acts. For that reason, perhaps, “The Incredible String Band” didn`t come up in the Festival film.


I believe after reading about “The Incredible String Band” , you will get inspired to start and get motivated to learn how to play our Feadog Whistles. Browse our website and look for the one that suits you. If you are already a player become our fan visiting our InstagramFacebook and Twitter to be aware of tips and further information.

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