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3 Good Reasons to start playing the Feadog Irish Whistle

3 Good Reasons to start playing the Feadog Irish Whistle

by Joao Ferreira

It is a pleasure to write about something that we admire, love and rely. Today we start to write a series of articles about several reasons, references, occasions and situations involving our special and traditional Irish brand of whistles, Feadog. All Thursdays we will publish a new article for you.

Every Irish knows the origin and the history of Feadog, if you aren`t Irish and you haven`t had the opportunity yet, click here. It is a nice history.

I based this first article in a comment left from our Feadog fan, Phillip Bodycott, in our group in Facebook. He describes briefly five reasons to learn how to play a tin whistle. So, I`ve picked three up and developed shortly for you.

1 – It brings everyone from around the world together.

It is amazing how a little tiny musical instrument can have such a power, but it does.

Feadog Original Irish Whistles really do it. It is impressive. I see through our Instagram Page, pictures, posts and specially videos from people in Japan, Brazil, Peru, UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Italy, all around Ireland and many other places, playing Feadog Whistles and another kind of tin whistle in a lovely and happy way, sharing each other their own experiences, songs and tips.

2 – It relaxes after a busy day.

I receive an impressive number of stories and I see through the social media a high number of comments and posts of stressed people who found out the way to relax through tin whistles, especially our Feadog whistles.

The nice sound and the easiness to learn explain why stressed business executives, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and many other professionals see in the Feadog whistles a nice instrument to relax.

3 – Feadog Irish Whistles are easy to learn.

The kids love our Feadog Whistles. Why? Because, as written in the topic above, it is easy to play compared with many other musical instruments. Furthermore, it is essential to write here the high number of tutorials and great teachers spread throughout the social media, especially in our Fanpage and Instagram.

I believe after these 3 good reasons you`ve got interested to start and learn how to play our Feadog Whistles. Browse our website and look for the one that fits your needs. If you are already a player becomes our fan visiting our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be aware of tips and further information.

See you next article.

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