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3 Benefits for your mental health of playing the Feadóg whistle.

Musicians’ brains create new pathways which surprisingly are not evident in people who do not play instruments. This may be the solution as to why musicians tend to perform better on certain cognitive tests. Playing an instrument promote and  help people with certain mental health conditions. Mental benefits of playing an instrument include:

  1. Increased co-ordination 

The use of using your hands and fingered in combination requires a lot of concentration and coordinated movements. The brain receives these messages and acts on it quickly and accordingly to produce a faster and efficient coordinated movements.

      2. Improved memory

The constant reminder of hearing a number of songs comes with many advantages with side effects of different pathways in the brain that accumulate to improved memory over a certain period of time.


       3. Better concentration

This one comes as no surprise to many as playing the Feadóg or any wind musical instrument requires 100% focus and concentration to perform a full tune. It can also provide stimuli which comes as a major advantage for those who suffer with ADHD.


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