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10  memories all Irish people have of learning our Feadog whistle – part 2

10  memories all Irish people have of learning our Feadog whistle – part 2


by Joao Ferreira


Browsing through the internet and reading many articles I realized 10 memories that all Irish person has about learning how to play our Feadog Whistle. One or more of this memories you will be identified with.

So, in this article, I list the second and last part of the memories which I started last week.


6- Songs you learned on the tin whistle included Dawning of the Day, Sally Gardens, Báidín Fheilimí, Morning Has Broken and Brahm’s Lullaby.

You can still remember all the notes from Dawning of the Day like it was yesterday.

7- The sound of the class tunelessly blowing into their tin whistles still haunts you.

Until today I try to figure out how the teachers cope with that!

8- Clean the spit out of your tin whistle still sends shivers down your spine.

God forbid you had to use someone else’s.

9- You gave up the tin whistle the second it was allowed.

And left it to gather dust in your childhood bedroom for more.

10- But if anyone asks you if you play an instrument, you still say that you play a bit of tin whistle

“Ah yeah, I can play the tin whistle.”

Actually, I will be a legend. The dream is never over.


I believe after these 5 Feadog Whistle memories, you will be inspired to learn how to play our Feadog Whistles better and better. So, browse our website and look for the one that suits you. If you are already a player becomes our fan visiting our InstagramFacebook and Twitter to be aware of tips and further information.

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